Stand on National Issues

This is from my FB page.

Question: I would like to know more about you before voting, what is your stand on 2nd amendment rights, what about kids being taught critical race theory in schools, how do we keep our elections safe and secure?

My answer:

Thank you for your questions.  I strongly support the 2nd amendment, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights.  I am very concerned about the attacks on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.  I have considered introducing a resolution to designate Woods Cross as 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City.  Recently Davis County was designated as a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County.  I will be watching the 2nd amendment attacks and propose appropriate responses for Woods Cross City.

Not only am I concerned about critical race theory being taught in school, I am also very concerned with the liberal indoctrination happening in our nation’s public schools, universities, the main stream media and social media.  I am worried about the attack on free speech and religion.

The results of the 2020 national election concern me.  I do know if the election was stolen from Trump, but I believe there were too many reported anomalies that have not been explained.  I accept that Joe Biden won the electoral college and is the president.  I believe too many rules were changed without following the proper process.  I wonder about the mail in ballot process in other states.  I question some of the programming for the ballot counting machines.  I also want to know about the reported ballots being delivered overnight and the lack of transparency.  Proper control of our right to vote is one of the most important right we need to keep our country free.  Losing this control could destroy our country.

The reports I have heard were that Utah’s mail in process was more secure.  That fact that the ballots were only sent to registered voters and we have to sign the ballot envelope, make me have more confidence.  The Davis County Clerk’s Office held a training meeting for the 2021 candidates.  Confidence in the election system was one of the most important items discussed.  They provided an opportunity for any candidate and citizen to watch the testing process.  They allow observers to watch the vote count.  All signatures are compared to signatures on file.

I would like to have voter ID to be required by all states, the mail in ballots eliminated, but allow requested absentee ballots.  I think early voting is a disservice to the voters.  Those who vote early may regret their votes due to information or events happening between the time they vote and election day.

As you can see, I am passionate about these political issues.  All of your questions are about national issues.  I believe my position on national issues will give you a good idea of how I will serve the citizens of Woods Cross.  My focus will be on issues facing Woods Cross.  I will try to influence our state legislators and congressional delegation to work toward stop these attacks on the people of the United States.  


Train Overpass

This is a question from my FB page.

Question: Sir, I’m considering voting for you. What will you do to bring a much-needed overpass over the busy railroad tracks at 2600 South 1050 West and/or on 500 South between 750 West-1000 West? These railroad tracks cause constant and long delays for busy residents trying to commute between the east and west sides of town. West side residents of North Salt Lake, Woods Cross, and West Bountiful have been ignored for years regarding this very poorly planned traffic issue. Residents desperately need an overpass to provide them with quicker and more convenient access to east-side services. Will you make this happen for residents?

My answer:

I appreciate your question. Please note that I am only one person, but I am one person who can work towards this goal. Knowing the problem is easy. I do not know how to solve this issue. I do know that working as a member of the City Council I can work towards solving this.

UDOT has opposed any effort to build an overpass over the train tracks on 500 South. They state there is not enough distance from I-15 for the overpass to reach ground level on the east side before the freeway.

Most major transit projects are controlled by the Wasatch Front Regional Council (WFRC), both with finances and setting priorities.

Woods Cross City hired a consultant to assist in development around the Frontrunner station, 500 South and west to 1100 West. One of the suggestions was an overpass at 700 South with an industrial area from the tracks to 1100 West, including a pedestrian overpass to the west side of the tracks.

Woods Cross City has provided money to North Salt Lake for feasibility study for an overpass on 2600 South. I understand that the Utah State Legislature provided $2 million towards this study.

This is a complicated issue, roads may need to be widen, utilities may need to be moved, Holly Frontier Oil has their filling station on the south side of 500 South, next to the tracks. The 2600 South option may have issues with Rocky Mountain Power, businesses among others. We will be dealing with at least one other city, the state, Union Pacific, oil pipelines, etc.

If I am elected, I will need to learn about functioning as a City Council member to work with the state, the WFRC and working through the process with the city staff. I do believe a good solution can be found and funded. I do not believe it will be easy.

I cannot promise to have an overpass built, but I will do my best to get this done.